Most people call‘em drinks. We call‘em flavored air conditioning!

Our Fountain Drinks and Slushes will keep your engine cool no matter how hot it gets. Make it even cooler and add any flavor to create your own Specialty Drink like a Blue Ocean Water, Chocolate Dr Pepper or a Cherry Coke!






Magnum 44

Fountain Drinks, Slushes & Specialty Drinks

Create your own drink!

Million of Combinations!

Coke Drinks

80-360 cal.

Diet Coke Drink

0-0 cal.

Coke Zero Soda Drink

0-0 cal.

Dr. Papper Soda drink

90-380 cal.

BIG RED Drink Soda

90-420 cal.

80-350 cal.

Barg's Root Beer Soda Drink

90-390 cal.

Fanta Orange Soda Drink

90-410 cal.

Fanta Strawberry Soda Drinik

90-390 cal.

Minute Maid Lemonade Soda Drink

60-260 cal.

POWERADE Mountain Berry Blast

50-220 cal.

POWERADE Fruit Punch Drink

35-160 cal.

Slush Drink

140-640 cal.

Fresh Brewed Gold Peak Tea Drink

Unsweet 0-0 cal. Sweet 80-370 cal.

Slush & Flavors

Real Lime (0-10 cal.)
Cherry (10-70 cal.)
Vanilla (20-120 cal.)
Strawberry (25-115 cal.)
Mango (15-80 cal.)
Blue Coconut (20-100 cal.)
Piña Colada (15-80 cal.)
Big Red (20-95- cal.)

Grape (15-90 cal.)
Orange (15-75 cal.)
Watermelon (10-60 cal.)
Green Apple (20-120 cal.)
Fruit Punch (5-40 cal.)
Mountain Berry Blast (5-40 cal.)
Cream (10-70 cal.)

Premium Flavors

Strawberry (35-280 cal.) Pineapple (45-360 cal.) Chocolate (50-550 cal.)
Add Extra Real Cherries (10 cal.) or Real Limes (0 cal.)
Extra Charge for Premium Flavors, Extra Real Cherries, & Extra Real Limes

Create Your Own Limeades & Lemonades

Fresh Limeade
Cherry Limeade
Strawberry Limeade
Diet Coke Lime
Cherry Lemonade
Strawberry Lemonade
Mango Lemonade
Sweet Tea Lemonade

Create Your Own Vanilla & Cream

Vanilla Coke
Vanilla Dr Pepper
Vanilla Cream Coke
Cherry Vanilla Coke
Strawberry Vanilla Dr Pepper
Vanilla Cream Root Beer

Create Your Own Flavored Air Conditioning

Strawberry Tea
Mango Tea
Chocolate Dr. Pepper
Blue Ocean Water
Cherry Coke
Cherry Sprite
Strawberry Sprite
Pineapple Coke

Bottled Water | 0 cal.

Bag of Ice | 0 cal.

2,000 Calories a day is used for general nutrition advice, but calorie needs vary. Additional nutrition information available upon request.

Food Allergy Notice:
Please be advised that food and drinks prepared and served here may contains or come in contact with these ingredients:
Milk, Eggs, Wheat, Gluten, Soybeans, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Fish, Shellfish, etc.

If you need special assistance in ordering, a carhop will be happy to assist you. Questions? Please call 1-800-538-0184