At Stars Spooning
is perfectly acceptable!

Spoon to your hearts content with our signature Desserts. Perfect for sharing or eating on your own!

Apple Pie Bites

Apple Pie Bites and Apple Pie Bites with Vanilla Ice cream dessert

Banana Split

Deser Menu Banana Split with Hot Fudge


Sundaes Icecream Dessert

Cone & Dish

Vanilla Dish Dipped Cone Ice cream Dessert


Dessert Menu Avalanche

Tropical Freeze

Dessert Menu Tropical Freeze Real Fruit


Shakes Desserts

Floats & Frosties

Dessert Menu Floats and Frosties

Value Menu

Mini Float
Mini Frostie
Mini Shake

  • Extra Cookie/Candy: $1.00 each
  • Extra Fruit, Topping, or Whip: 75¢ each
Dipped Cone
Vanilla Dish
Vanilla Cone

  • Extra Lime or Cherry: 25¢ each
  • Peanuts or Pecans: 75¢ each